Do you still need support?

YES! Antifacamp works better the more people participate. We are therefore happy when people take on various tasks (cleaning, helping in the kitchen, working at the counter, etc.). Further information on where help is still sought is available on the camping site at the info point.

If you would like to help set up or dismantle the camp, let us know in advance.

How is my data collected and stored?

Your registration is encrypted in the form with PGP, after which we save it anonymously on an encrypted computer. Email traffic goes through riseup. Here we trust in the security of the provider.

If you want to and are able to communicate with us in encrypted form after registering, you can find the PGP keys here.

Which stuff should I leave at home?

Please leave cameras at home and please do not take photos on the premises. Also, leave everything you shouldn’t have with you at protests (weapons, drugs, address books, etc.) at home.

What about dogs?

We ask you to leave your dogs at home. Assistance dogs are of course excluded from this regulation.

Can my kids come?

Children are just as welcome at the festival as anyone else. In order to offer children a lot of fun as well as to support parents and make it easier for them to take part in workshops and lectures, we will offer childcare at certain time slots. In order to be able to plan everything as well as possible, please write to us in advance. Entry for kids up to the age of 14 is free.

Awareness- / Secu- / sanitary structure

There will be an awareness structure at the camping site: This means that there is always the possibility of contacting people from the awareness team in the event of offensive behavior: They will support you. Paramedics and security are also at the camp and ensure our safety day and night. An emergency number can be found in the camp booklet.

Of course, recordings at the camp, especially in the sanitary area and when bathing, are strictly prohibited. We also support the #egalwo petition from Kulturkosmos Müritz e.V.:

Do we camp on-site and do I need a tent?

Accommodation on-site will be mainly in tents. Please bring your own tents, sleeping bags, insulating mats etc. with you. We also recommend: FFP2 masks, any medication you need, sunscreen, rain jacket, toothbrush and whatever else you need for a typical camping trip. As we are close to the water: sunscreen, swim wear, arm bands, air mattress, etc. The best air mattress gets a prize!

You do not need to bring crockery, plates, cups etc.

People with back problems or who need beds for other reasons and cannot sleep in a tent, please contact us in advance.

Caravans, car camping, etc. is not possible on the camping area.

What about showers and toilets?

There are several toilet and shower rooms on the festival site, open either to “all genders” or only to FLINTA. The sanitary facilities are disinfected several times a day.

Food and drinks

There will be vegan meals three times a day, which are prepared and served under appropriate hygienic conditions. Please report (extraordinary) allergies and food intolerances in advance. We will try to deal with them fairly.
Food is included in the ticket price. Of course, donations are welcome.
You can buy drinks on-site at reasonable prices.


It is possible to set up a separate camping area for FLINTAs. Please contact us in advance by email if you need it, so that we know how much space we are planning.
FLINTA is short for Female, Lesbian, Intersex, Non-Binary, Trans, and Agender.