How do I get tickets?

You can get the tickets at the various ticket offices. Otherwise you register with the encrypted online form and then pay on-site. Registration is mandatory, because this is the only way to find out the location of the camp. If you are a travel group of up to five people, you can register online with just one person.

How much is the ticket?

The prices are tiered:

3-days-ticket incl. 2 nights (Fri-Sun):
40€/ reduced 20€/ solidarity 50€

2-days-ticket incl. 1 night (Sat-Sun):
30€/reduced 15€/ solidarity 40€

But it’s also not a problem if you can’t pay that much! Nobody should be prevented from participating for financial reasons! You can get tickets at the advance booking offices or at the on-site ticket office at the price you can afford. If you feel uncomfortable with this, you can also contact us by email and we can solve it together in solidarity.

Tickets are €5 cheaper at the pre-sale points.
Food is included in the ticket price. Drinks are available at normal prices at any time.

Getting there

Who can please arrive by public transport. A shuttle between the destination station (which we will announce in time) is provided. Please let us know in advance when you will be at the destination station. In addition to the time, please also let us know how many of you are in the travel group. The better the communication in advance, the less stress for us.

Unfortunately, parking spaces are scarce. If you want to arrive by car, please let us know in advance via the registration form.